Monday, October 2, 2023

SFO to San Diego

First day of our 51 day cruise in the South Pacific! Up bright and early for an 8:35 am flight from SFO to San Diego. Which meant we had to arrive at SFO by around 6:35 am, actually closer to 6:00 am given our tendency to arrive early, just in case. Which in turn meant waking up at around 4:00 am to drive to SF and park the car at my condo in San Francisco, then take Lyft to the airport. But we made it! With time to spare of course. Many of the shops were still closed, but it was still fun to look at the names. SFO is a very creative space.

Yes, we made it to the airport on time and then to San Diego on time. But I left my small anti-theft travel bag, the one with my money, passport and other critical travel documents, on the plane! Luckily I noticed it missing when I went to the men's room before exiting through security. Running back to the gate Southwest was very helpful and brought the bag to me right away. The flight attendant had noticed the bag and knew I'd be back for it.

Now safely in San Diego, and with all our luggage intact, we could breathe a sigh of relief. There was a lot of construction going on at the San Diego Airport but they managed to make even the construction barriers look happy.

After a VERY brief ride from the airport on Lyft (2.2 miles) we arrived at the cruise terminal at 11am. The Lyft actually ended up costing about the same as our Uber from the SF Condo to SFO in part due to a $4.45 "service charge" on top of our standard ride fee. Our boarding time was 12:45, though we ended up getting on earlier. The San Diego airport actually had some decent looking places to eat outside the security gate next to baggage claim, more than you normally see at airports. Maybe we should have stayed there for a while and had breakfast? But then, we didn't want to eat at the airport when we'd have all you can eat dining in an hour or two.

Before we knew it we were aboard the ship and eating at the buffet dining room. Now it was Elizabeth's turn to smile as she sampled some of the all you can eat sushi and pizza.

We were soon settled aboard the ship. The cruise started with five days at sea so we had a lot of time to become acquainted with the ship before we arrived for our first stop in Hawaii. The picture below was the sunrise from our fourth day at sea.

Click this link or one of the pictures above to see more pictures in the SFO to San Diego photo album.

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