Thursday, October 26, 2023

Lautoka, Fiji

Although the stop was in Lautoka Fiji, we did an all day excursion to Tivua Island, one of our favorite stops. It was about a 45 minute boat trip to the island where we spent the day snorkeling. They had a guided tour of the reef, not that long of a swim as it turns out, along the reef from the dock. Elizabeth took another tour for beginners which she actually took into the deep water! I was surprised as she is afraid of the water, and was this time as well, but ended up spending most of her time clinging to the tour guide. He was very helpful and patient with her. We gave him an extra tip for being so helpful to her and, in her words, making this her "best snorkeling trip ever!"

I went snorkeling twice, once when we arrived when it was crowded, and then later after the included lunch, which was more of a feast with chicken, hotdogs, fish plus all the fixings and side dishes. The second time snorkeling was more fun with fewer people and more fish. I think if you go when there are a lot of other snorkelers it scares most of the fish away and you don't really see many fish. Going later when there are fewer people in the water you'll see 10 times as many fish.

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