Friday, October 20, 2023

Pago Pago American Samoa

We arrived in Pago Pago to a small but enthusiastic group greeters performing native dances and calls. By the way - we learned that the authentic, native way of pronouncing Pago Pago is as if it was spelled "Pongo Pongo", like "Bongo Bongo" but with a "P" instead of "B" at the beginning of each word.

We booked an onboard excursion for Pago Pago: "A Taste of Samoan Village Life." Our first stop on that tour was at the two rocks. The story behind the formation of the two rocks is that it was a farmer and a Princess who fell in love and ran off together. The King cursed them, turning them into stone.

Although I don't have many pictures of it, the main stop on the tour was an authentic Samoan village where they showed us some cooking and dancing demonstrations. They then gave us a variety of local dishes including hot chocolate (cooled to room temperature) and various dishes with coconut milk including taro, chicken and tuna, plus breadfruit (pretty blah) and green banana. The local beer, Vailima - A Taste of Samoa - lager beer was actually pretty good.

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