Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Dravuni Island Fiji

Dravuni Island was one of our smallest stops. Being so small we of course had to take a tender to shore. Once ashore we were able to walk 100 to 200 meters along the beach to a place to snorkel. As told on some travel sites, when we reached shore on the tender we turned right and walked toward a rock outcropping. We didn't go all the way to the rock outcropping, which is where most snorkelers were, but far enough to have some decent coral and fish. Overall we had a good day but I was unable to get the underwater camera case for the cell phone to work because the touch buttons didn't work once the camera was submerged. I really wished we had brought our old underwater cameras which work much better and have better white balance for shooting in the water. We were to regret that for the rest of the cruise and as a result have very few underwater photos. Still - we had a good day and I went snorkeling twice.

Elizabeth was in coconut heaven, having found a coconut vendor that gave her a fresh young coconut with super sweet juice. Next she had a slightly more mature coconut with more meat. The vendor cut it in half for her after she'd had the juice so she could scoop out the meat. For her this was one of her most enjoyable days!

I tried the two different local beers that they seem to have everywhere in Fiji - one a golden ale, the other a bitters, almost an IPA, at least the closest thing I've seen to an IPA. Both tasted good though I preferred the bitters one.

In the afternoon the sun seemed more intense and much of our shade from a tree we had found had disappeared. We walked half way back to the tender dock and found some shade under another tree near where some boats were anchored. Unfortunately there wasn't really any coral in that area, which makes sense since it gave the boats easier access to deeper waters. Still it was fun snorkeling, especially without the crowds.

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