Friday, October 27, 2023

Savusavu, Vanua Levi, Fiji

Today we had tenders again, but since we were on a cruise line tour, we didn't have to worry about tender tickets. Our tour was Traditional Fiji: Nukubalavu Village. This was our third village, second in Fiji. In Fiji you always have the traditional Fiji Kava ceremony. We didn't try the kava yesterday on the ship, but had tried it on our first Fijian village tour. It's a bit unsanitary. Kava is made from a relative of the pepper plant and has a mild narcotic effect. Some say it's more a numbing of the mouth, similar to going to the dentist. It's supposed to have a euphoric effect, but I doubt they give us a strong dose and I drank just a little at our first Kava ceremony in Suva three days ago.

This time they only offered kava to the two sets of "chiefs" (a couple from each bus). The Fijian village tour was the best village tour we've gone on so far, out of the three we've been to, one on Samoa and two on Fiji. The ceremony took place outside in a large clearing with a beautiful backdrop of the bay with emerald green water at low tide. Even though there were two tour buses there, it didn't feel cramped. Being outside we didn't have the dark, difficult to see in area such as at the last Fiji village ceremony which felt like we were in a basement. We were also lucky to have a cool breeze blowing in from the ocean.

I heard from someone who overheard someone from the later 1:00 pm tour to the village, that the afternoon version of the tour may have been extremely hot. After our village tour we explored the local town near the tender port and by then it was becoming very hot. We reboarded the ship at 1:30 and it was indeed very hot at the tender port, though that is on the other side of the island from the village.

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