Tuesday, May 9, 2023


After a day at sea we reached Nagasaki for the second time. Here is the blog from our April Nagasaki stop.

This time we saw some additional sights we hadn't been able to get to during our first trip to Nagasaki including the Sofuku-ji Zen temple and other nearby temples and shrines and the Megane Bridge.

After a short trolly ride we reached the Megane Bridge

We then took a streetcar and walked a short distance to the bottom of Mt. Inasayama where we took a cable car to the Mt. Inasayama Observatory.

We ended the day with a trip to the historic mansion at Glover Garden and mansion but were a bit disappointed by it. Part of that may be because, though it has beautiful views of the Harbor and surrounding areas, we had just come from the Mt. Inasayama Observatory with even better views.

As with most of our stops in Japan, a local band played for us as we departed the port.

Click this link or a picture above to see more pictures from Nagasaki.

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