Friday, May 5, 2023


Saying goodbye to Kyoto, we checked out of our hotel and took the train to Osaka. In retrospect I almost wish we had relocated to Osaka the day before as that would have allowed us to visit the aquarium in the morning, perhaps before it became so crowded. Entry to the aquarium is timed, so I'd also recommend buying your tickets ahead of time on the aquarium online website. As it was, after dropping off our bags at our Osaka hotel we went to the aquarium, purchased tickets and then waited until our entry time which was a number of hours later.

Once in the aquarium we did have an enjoyable time, though for the first time in Japan it seemed as if children outnumbered the adults. In some ways the enthusiasm and energy of all those kids seemed to compensate for the hectic and sometimes noisy kids that crowded against glass walls of the aquarium exhibitions. It also helps that you're taller than most of the kids, giving you easier viewing. All in all the Japanese children seemed very well behaved, though there seemed to be families from a number of other countries that were sometimes much noisier and more hyper.

After returning to our hotel to check in we made an evening visit to the Umeda Sky Building a "connected skyscrapers with a rooftop garden observatory" for some great night shots of Osaka.

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