Thursday, April 27, 2023


The final stop on this cruise was in Nagasaki. Although we were going to return here again on our own we did manage to see most of the highlights. For this stop we bought an excursion from the cruise line which included a one day local transport pass, similar to our Suica card. Although at the time we were still a bit perplexed by the tram system, we eventually found it to be very simple to use. There were just a few color coded tram lines which would take you to most of the sights in Nagasaki or at least close enough so you could walk the remaining distance.

One of the biggest downsides to booking excursions on the large cruise lines is that most of the tours are very large, about a bus load of people for one or two tour guides. In this case we all took a single tram car. I felt sorry for the locals who either ended up waiting for the next car or were squeezed in with all these tourists.

Our first stop was at the peace park where we saw the peace park statue, fountain and ground zero for the Nagasaki atomic bomb.

The final stop for the tour was the one legged Tori gate which although damaged by the atomic bomb blast still stood.

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