Saturday, April 29, 2023

Yokoma to Hiroshima

It was sad to see the first cruise end but we were looking forward to over a week on our own! After leaving the ship we took a bullet train from Yokohama to Hiroshima. This was the first day we started using our JR Rail Pass which allowed us to take most of the JR Bullet trains (there were a few exceptions) and all of the other JR trains for seven days.

At the Yokohama train station I managed to find some local craft beers! One of my biggest complaints about cruise lines is their lack of beer varieties.They'll have pages of wine but you're luck if they have a half dozen beers, most of which are not very good.

Now properly supplied with beer, we took the bullet train to Hiroshima. The picture below is actually in Osaka where we changed trains.

Not a lot of pictures to show, but still a nice day. And though you'd think it was a relaxing day we actually ended up walking quite a bit. Between walking to and from train stations and between connections (and the train stations are VERY large!) we'd rack up quite a few steps. During the cruise execursions we'd average around 10,000 steps - and those were pretty active tours. But during the next week while were were on our own we averaged closer to 20,000 steps per day with a peak of 27,000 steps during our day in Kyoto. I'd jokingly refer to it as our death march, but between the large amount of walking and the abundance of fresh fish, which we definitely took advantage of, it was probably our healthiest week of the year!

Click this link or one of the pictures above to see pictures in the Yokohama to Hiroshima photo album

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