Saturday, April 22, 2023


Next stop on cruise with Miyako. As with all of the stops in Japan we were met by a friendly crowd of people waving hello to us, bands playing music and sometimes performances. Although you can barely see the welcoming performance in the photo below, what is more obvious is the number of small booths set up to sell souvenirs as well as food and drink.

At Miyako we'd decided to forgo the rather expensive cruise line tour in favor of taking a tour on our own. We took a taxi to Desaki Pier which provided a sightseeing cruise to a stop near the Jodogahama Beach. Although we'd purchased a round trip ticket, we were asked to return to the boat within a half hour after it docked. We gathered that soon the large tour buses from the ship were going to be taking people on the same boat and there might not be room for us to return later. As a result we didn't make it all the way to Jodogahama Beach but we did take in some scenic views of the rocky cliffs on the walk to the beach. We also saw some very scenic areas from the boat during the return ride which took us further up the coast before returning to our starting pier.

After the scenic cruise we ended up having a fair amount of spare time. We used the time well to visit the small booths set up on the pier. We sampled some of the local food and then ended up having some decent locally brewed beer as well.

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