Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Oahu Hawaii - Day 1

After five days at sea we arrived in Honolulu Hawaii. Luckily I was up before sunrise, though since sunrise was a bit before 9am that wasn't a great feat. But I was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise over Diamond Head.

One of Elizabeth's favorite things about Honolulu is the bus system! Why? Because for seniors using their medicare cards as proof, they can get a bus ride all the way from the dock to Waikiki for just $1.25. Almost makes it worth turning 65.

We didn't waste any time putting the bus reduced senior fare perk to good use and rode the bus to the Waikiki Aquarium. This was our first time visiting the aquarium. I'd been there many years before, but didn't remember it being as extensive as it is now. Given the relatively small size of the aquarium I was very impressed with the variety of exhibits. You can see even more aquarium pictures in the Oahu Hawaii photo gallery.

After the aquarium we took a walk along Diamond Head Road. Although it was February the day was still hot and humid, making this a bit of a long slog. There were a few good views though, such as the one below overlooking Kuilei Cliffs Beach Park

Given how much we had sweated during our walk on Diamond Head Road, what better place to go than a brewpub! We enjoyed a flight of beer at the Aloha Brewing Waikiki. The beer was very good and the sidewalk location of the tables allowed for ample people watching opportunities.

Click this link or one of the pictures above to see more pictures in the Oahu Hawaii photo album.

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