Monday, February 6, 2023


The day after Manzanillo and Colima we arrived in Mazatlan. For Mazatlan we hadn't pre-booked an excursion but there are always drivers available when you reach port. Our tour would take us to a number of places in "old" Mazatlan and then take us to the Mazatlan Malecón.

Our first stop was at the Monument to the Continuity of Life, or Monumento a La Continuidad de La Vida del Deno. According to one source, the statue "symbolizes the beginning and end of life, life balance, in addition to the respect we should have towards nature."[*] Although very impressive during the day, some of the night time pictures I've seen show it in an even more impressive light - multi-color lights as well.

Our next stop took us to see the cliff divers in old Mazatlan. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the actual dive, leaving that up to Elizabeth. She keeps saying she'll share her pictures with me. One day…

Our next stop took us to the Basilica Cathedral of Mazatlan. Below are pictures of both the impressive exterior as well as the interior. There are more pictures of the inside in the Mazatlan Photo Album.

Across the street from the church was the Plaza República, a nice quiet shaded area surrounded by street vendors.

Every year there is a carnival parade along the Mazatlan Malecón or promenade. This year's theme for the carnival is Deja Vu, Dreams of a Carnival. Below is just one of the giant monigotes, or dolls, that go up along the parade route. You can see some of the other monigotes and read about them here.

Click this link or one of the pictures above to see more pictures in the Mazatlan photo album.

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