Friday, February 17, 2023


I wish we had spent more time in Lanai itself. Most of the buildings in Lanai were burned down on August 17 in the big Maui fire exactly six months after we were there. Most of the buildings shown below are no longer there. The map below shows the major attractions of the town of Lanai.

We rented a car from near the airport north of where the tender boats docked. It seemed to take a long time to get to the car rental agency. Between the influx of tourists when a cruise ship is in port and the tourists staying in nearby resorts, the rideshares and taxis seem a bit overwhelmed. By the time we had picked up the car and driven to the aquarium pretty far south of Lanai, a good part of our day was gone. The aquarium itself seemed very crowded that day. Due to the crowds I didn't seem to get very many good pictures of the aquarium itself. Still, it was worth the wait and fighting the crowds to visit what is a fairly small but very nice aquarium.

After dropping off the rental car we returned to Lanai. We wandered around a bit taking pictures of some of the local landmarks including the Wo Hing Temple Museum.

We also took a picture of the Baldwin House Museum. Before it burned down it was the oldest building on Maui.

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