Thursday, May 5, 2022

Brussels Day 1

May 5, 2022 - Brussels

Bruges has its Duvelorium. In Brussels, it's the Delirium Taphouse for beers of all kinds. So after checking into our hotel located just a block away from the main Brussels train station, we started walking and made our way to the Delirium Taphouse. I asked the bartender what he would recommend. He asked me what kind of beer I like. I replied "Belgian." He just sort of laughed and handed me a large list of the various kinds of Belgian beers they had. So once again, I tried to stick with the draft beer list, which you can see in the Brussels Day 1 photo album. There are two other pictures showing the complete list of beers and a picture of a blackboard with additional guest draft beers.

I really wish they had flights but none of the places we had been to offered those. I think there's at least two reasons they don't. First, they don't want to use the smaller glasses, preferring goblets, snifters and similar glasses. Those allow you to better appreciate and enjoy the aromas of rich Belgian beers. Secondly, each beer is served in its own glass, which has the brewery logo and beer name on it. This is also part of their effort to ensure that you have the best possible glass for their beer. Though, it sure makes it tough for bars, like Delirium Taphouse, which carry probably close to 100 different beers.

Our next stop was the Grand Place city square. The picture below shows it about as empty as you'll ever see it unless you come early morning before anything opens up.

This huge city square was our major landmark. In a city which has a confusing, twisting maze of cobblestone streets we would often become lost, though thankfully Google Maps did a pretty good job of helping us navigate the city. This square is also the main meeting point for many tours.

Come dinner time there were many restaurants to choose from. That first night we chose Le Marmiton, a Belgian restaurant known for its mussels and stews. As with most restaurants in Brussels, they also had a good selection of beers.

Click this link or one of the pictures above to see more pictures in the Brussels Day 1 photo album

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