Thursday, April 21, 2022

Copenhagen Day 2

April 21, 2022 - Copenhagen

Our first full day in Copenhagen and we were ready to go after a good night's sleep.

Our first stop was at the Church of Our Lady near Copenhagen University. For such a small walkable city Copenhagen has an amazing number of churches and castles.

Next we went to a scenic view of the Frederiksholms Kanal. You can also see one of the many tour boats which travel around Copenhagen. They're a very good way to see a lot of the city. They also have electric powered harbor buses which are used by commuters but can also be ridden by tourists to see the sights or easily get around the city.

Although we didn't tour the Christiansborg Palace today, I thought this picture of the bike racks full of bikes was very interesting. With 546 km of bicycle paths, bike bridges and even cycle superhighways Copenhagen is considered the most bike friendly capital in the world.

In the mornings when we had breakfast in the hotel we could look out over the large boulevard showing many commuters, most of them on bikes. Even parents taking young children to school or daycare were riding bikes with their kids in large wheeled carriers on the front of their bike. Many of the rest of the people took buses or walked leaving very few private cars visible on the road.

Among the famous people from Copenhagen was Soren Kierkegaard who lived from 1813 to 1855. He is considered by many to be the first existentialist philosopher.

The Nyhavn (New Harbor) houses are one of the iconic sights in Copenhagen. Tour boats can also be caught here as well on the Frederiksholms Kanal. We returned to Nyhavn many times and you can see even more pictures taken here including a panorama picture in the 2022-04-22 Copenhagen Day 2 photo album.

We were lucky enough to arrive at Frederik VIII's Palace just in time for the changing of the guard. The entire square is a very scenic area containing, in addition to Frederik VIII's Palace, the Amalienborg Palace Museum, Christian VII's Palace, Christian IX's Palace and Amalienborg, the Queen's winter residence.

Another scenic church is Frederik's Church with beautiful architecture and stained glass windows.

Frederik's Church is also surrounded by a number of statues, including this one of Danish King Canute IV.

Rosenborg Castle Gardens is the oldest and most visited park in central Copenhagen.

Click this link or one of the pictures above to see more pictures in the Copenhagen Day 2 photo album.

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