Saturday, April 30, 2022

Bruges Day 1

We pulled into our next big destination, Bruges! I, of course, had been looking forward to Bruges for quite a while as I do like good beer, including various Belgian beers. Our ship docked at Zeebruges (Bruges on the Sea).

When possible I try to get beer on tap.And what better place to get fresh Duvel beer on tap than the Duvelorium in Bruges. They have a wide variety of Duvel beers, most of which I tasted over the next two days, but my favorite was still their flagship beer "Duvel." It's rated 94 out of 100 (outstanding) by Beer Advocate, my goto for beer ratings. The beautiful view of the Bruges Market Square certainly helped the enjoyable experience.

There are so many ornate buildings around various squares within Bruges that it's difficult to choose which ones to photograph. But here's one of the most famous, the Brugse Vrije (Liberty of Bruges). This building was a courthouse from 1795 to 1984. The picture below zooms in on Lady Justice atop the building.

Bruges is also a city of canals. Below is a picture of Bonifaciusbrug (Boniface Bridge), a pedestrian bridge with scenic views of the city.

That evening we did a walking tour of Bruges which, of course, ended with tasting a variety of beers. The tour took place close to sunset when the light was perfect for scenic views of the many bridges crossing the canals of Bruges.

Click this link or one of the pictures above to see more pictures in the Bruges Day 1 photo album.

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