Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Moorea French Polynesia

Our two day stay in Moorea ended up being one of our favorite stops, even though we had to take tender boats to get ashore. At least the trip from the ship to shore via the tender boat was very calm since it was inside the coral reef protecting the island.

When we first landed ashore we were met by local dancers and a small group of vendors with tables selling clothing and knick knacks.

Some friends we'd made aboard the ship had invited us to go along on their private catamaran half day snorkeling trip in the afternoon. Since we still had some time to kill before the snorkeling trip we ended up sharing a taxi ride to a lookout not too far from the port, Belvedere Lookout.

The highlight of the day was, of course, the four of us on a catamaran for the afternoon private tour. It was wonderful to go to some of the great snorkeling spots not too far from the port. Since Moorea is surrounded by a coral reef, you can go quite a distance without going into open water.

I wish I'd been able to take underwater photos. We started the tour with a trip to a coral garden which had lots of fish and anemones. We then went to a popular spot with rays and sharks, both of which do not bother people though they warn you not to try to grab them. You can pet the rays and some of the other ships were feeding them. However it's considered best for wildlife to not feed them, so our boat didn't.

The final stop was a set of tikis which were placed on the bottom of the ocean as an underwater art museum. It's meant to be a tribute to Polynesian ancestors who were forced by missionaries to throw their religious objects into the sea.

Our friends had tried to get us a spot on a sunset cruise on the same catamaran, that they had booked. There weren't any open spots, but we still had a good view of the Moorea sunset from the cruise ship.

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