Monday, July 31, 2023

Cruising Prince Christian Sound

Our third and last day in Greenland waters we spent the day cruising through Prince Christian Sound, one of the most scenic areas in Greenland. We've been on numerous Alaska cruises including Glacier Bay, but I'd say that Prince Christian Sound was our favorite.

Below is a link to a map which shows the locations of the three pictures in the remainder of this blog post. On the bottom left of the map you can also see the previous day's stop in Nanortalik. We also passed through Prince Christian Sound on our way back from Rotterdam to Boston 18 days later. You can see the pictures for that passage in another album. You can see the blog post for that day here.

At 8:41am we moved close to the mouth of Prince Christian Sound. Passage through the sound is not guaranteed as at times ice can block the entrance or exit of the sound.

By 10:08am we had moved near the first of many glaciers that can be seen as you pass through the sound

By 12:30 we were moving close to the exit for Prince Christian Sound. Below is one of the last glaciers we saw until our return trip through the sound on August 18.

There were more glaciers we viewed between this picture and the previous picture and the entire passage was very scenic. On the August 18th passage through the sound we were able to move closer to one of the main glaciers in the sound. I'll add a link to that blog when it's ready.

Click this link or one of the pictures above to see more pictures in the July 31 Prince Christian Sound photo album.

Click this link to see pictures in the later August 18 Prince Christian Sound photo album.

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